Monday, July 13, 2009

In honour of Goddess of Conformity!

I conform! We all conform because we choose to. Period. Don't waste your time disputing this! I am the rat in that race and I compete with you the rat! And oh yes I love to complain just like you that you're the rat!

You are a Rat by Choice -

""We all all part of that rat race" - Yaaawwwwnnnn Hmmm....,. The fact is you're a rat by choice. Period. You're as annoying as the rat who you kept complaining about. PeriodIsn't it strange? The rat race and the whole notion of conformity that we keep complaining about is so strange when we have made ourselves the choice of being the rat! Oh yes we have!

Lets take on Society and it's influence -

You'll say society influenced your thoughts and since your Mummy was a lawyer and all Lawyers were doing well(pay packets) you turned into one. You liked certain aspects, the peripherals of being a lawyer (be it cars, fame, money) and made the choice which is one of the many paths that you could choose. Are you blaming society? Can't you just say that you chose like others to follow and achieve the same aspects that everyone has?Okay when I did pick up the cigarette I made the choice. Period - Do I have to blame aspects of peer pressure, society, Macho-cool image passport and other similarities when it's eventually me that picked up the cigarette? Get the drift?? Bottom-line - You've chosen to be influenced by society. So yes society and it's influences is largely a blame game - the same escapist tendencies we exhibit and finding fault in something else.There were many who didn't succumb under the pressure of picking up the cigarette - Because they chose not to despite the pressure. So some choose to do the same mundane boring stuff because deep down they believe to be part of the society that believes getting that Merc S class and killing each other Rat in the race is much better and easier than seeking the path that would be their true path of happiness.

What I am here for?

Sorry to bore you to death but ancient philosophies have solved Sunshine's Dilema k's of yrs. back - The fact is that each one of us has certain desires - By that it is meant that there a certain actions we enjoy irrespective of the result - I always loved playing some sport - I could be hours at the sports field just kicking the ball, playing baskteball, etc. - That was my desire - I just don't know how far I wanted to go but I derived a huge amount of pleasure from that act - Can I continue? - Well I have made the choice of someday owning the latest HD TV with the best Bose system on offer so I choose to be a part of that rat race because deep down maybe I don't have the courage to quit all else and just be involved in derving the pleasure of just playing basketball and made a subconsious choice not not wanting to be left behind in achieving those materialist gains that basketball wouldn't have helped me.

How much we blame society and it's lack free thinking - It's us as well that loves structure - Else we would all be wondering what to do and easy to pick up something that is readymade - The whole doctrine of being Doctor engineer is an easy choice and is spoon fed so we subconiously make that choice and just follow.I have seen many individuals kick their fancy jobs because they weren't just happy - They are now part of small startups, community service, etc. and are quite happy. So by choosing not to do anything about conformity - You make the choice of conforming!

The bottomline is that it boils down to you - And each time I go yaaawwwnnn when someone says that he worked hard to get xyz degrees - Donkey's Get degrees! They get those for reasons that else in society thought it was good, before even asking themselves whether they actually love the process of getting there.

Isn't the act of getting married an act of conformity? Donkey's have a sense of belonging and love their families - But you went 7 times merry go around without knowing why? - Bottom line - Donkey's are smarter!Easier Said than done? To quit your boring life and do something else? - How tough you make it sound is again is a choice that you've made.Can you say "I care a Rat's Bum while quitting my job"? No Na? You care about his bum even more!Ponder over it....

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