Monday, July 13, 2009


Can't figure out the title? Don't know what it means? It means - "You don't exist" in some language! Now you could relate to it.

What if I told you that You actually don’t exist - Would you believe me? You'd probably hope for an ambulance to come my way! But No I'm serious! You don't exist in physical form!

Nothing around you exists and everything is an illusion - Me going bonks? Okay - If I was blindfolded, would those objects go out of existence since I cannot see them? No right? But still a blindfolded individual moves around cus in his thoughts those objects exist. It's him and his brain having accepted the existence of reality. So those objects lie in his thoughts and not in physical form. You exist in my thoughts only! Even though you think you are present in physical form - But your physical presence is nothing but my Brain registering you as a physical object in my thoughts - ThereforeYou're a Figment of my Imagination - You're an Illusion - You Don't exist!

You think a physical form of verification is existence? - None of you have met me. You still think that I exist? I'm just a dot. I could be just a ghost floating around.

You Can't exist! Trust me! You're just an illusion. Think I'm still going mad? Okay - Remember your friend whom you’ve not met in a while and wish to get in touch with. Now does he exist in front of you for you to believe that he once existed? No right? - So it's just you choosing to having believed that he did exist! - He too doesn't exist in physical form!

Still thinking I've gone bonks? Okay if I hit your hand, it hurts. If I use anesthesia, it wouldn't but that doesn't mean that the pain does not exit- It's only your acceptance of the emotion or object that caters to it's existence. So everything else such a values, morality, esteem are nothing but certain chemicals choosing to be in harmony! You're Just like Music - Music doesn't exit - But you still react to it just like I react to you!

When you watch TV - Do people exist inside the Television? No right? They actually exist in your thoughts. Haven't you seen some people talking to someone else when the person is not in front of him? They can see stuff that you can't! Yeah Yeah They see Dead people as well!

Remember why you woke up when you had that nightmare - Cus you thought it was real and once you woke up you thought that it was a dream and not "Reality"

So nothing exists and everything is just your imagination! Everything is an illusion!Why have I written this? - It's one of the many monologues I have about the existence of matter! Because before anything started, be it big bang, God and what not - How did it all start? I reach point where it's just impossible for you to exist! Cus nothing existed in the first place! How can nothing exist before the existence of everything as the existence of nothing which in itself is questionable, as nothing is in the first place absence of something. If something never existed, can nothing exist?

If you didn't understand what I've written - Don't bother! I exist – You know why? Cus my boss let’s me know the reason for my existence :)


rags said...

Dude, are you sure you are not a figment of your own
imagination? ;-)
Maybe we all are an illusion after all, a matrix like world...
Anyway, nice post. Like your blog.

Sinduja Ragunathan said...

Wow! What a shame that you stopped writing! Amazing thoughts.