Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Knee-Jerk Reactions

It's been 3 days since the bloody siege. And now the usual analysis of what should be done with Pakistan, what should be done with our politicians, why did the NSG come in BEST buses et al.

I mean for Christ's sake let not your Allegiance to the nation be defined by sending stupid chain mails about " Letter to Prime Minister" and send this to every Indian. How did nationhood and the love of it revolve around how many Indians you send a very poorly written letter. For Christ sake there is anger. Each one burns from within to see the helplessness the state is in. But these stupid chain mails don't help and don't elucidate any constructive action. Wanted to ask the dude authored the letter as to when was the last time he celebrated heros such as Satyendra dubey and Manjunath. Also to ask those who like duds kept forwarding it?

There was another stupid logic about why NSG was made available the services of BEST v/s Cricketers being sent in luxury air conditioned buses. "Send this to every Indian" sort of crap.

There is an obvious logic of not sending troops in luxury buses that are not air conditioned. Your body is supposed to be accustomed to the outside environment. Haven't you felt slightly dizzy when you come out of cold room into the blazing sun. Its the body stupid. Worldover Aromured vechiles are desinged to endure hostile envrionments. Unlike cricketers NSG doesn't have the luxury of a warm up session. NSG and their kin worldwide are trained to manage hostile environment. Yup we feel dam proud to see these guys coming out of Neeta bus service. Do you guys even know the names of anyone of those heroes? Neither did I. I bet most didn't know who Jyoti Krishna was. So much attention We've paid uh for the supreme force. And so much for being Indian.

I mean guys the right reaction would be "dedicated buses and not makeshift ones".

Shobha Aunty said on TV" My god, we don't have water pressure to reach the 6th floor of taj. Aunty I guess your angst is as funny as Aish's dresses. Water pressure has its limitations. Its the equipemnt used along that ensure (ladders,cranes etc.) that are essential

Another foolish thought is to send some 25 people and do the same dastardly act. Send spies into enemy territory. You joker, don't you realise that it's already in place? as in the intelligence apparatus. It's efficiency maybe in question but again that cannot be assesed. Is the govt. to make a public announcement that we have spies in xyz country? There is enough info put by the media about prior knowledge about a possible attack. So yes the buck lies with administrators who reflect a careless lackadaisical attitude towards security. Which I must say is nothing but a reflection of society. The common man as well has displayed his quota of insensitivity's towards internal security.
And then we have reactions that all politicians should be shot down. Dude I thought we elect them. Its the posh areas of Delhi, the rich, the elite is where from Manmohan Singh fought an election. But the obvious apathy towards polity ain't doing any good.

The only reason the rich elite don't vote is cause the quality of politics doesn't matter. Its not them that bear the brutal train rides or the long bus journey's in the summer. Its always been that the privileged section to been the last to react and probably the most passive.

Every country deserves the politicians they get. This is Democracy. I'm sure these everyone wants a Chinese style governance where some magic wand would cure all our ills. I bet every drop of blood in my body that each one of us would desist it.

Then we have "Carpet Bomb Pakistan". Dude they are a Rouge nation. A govt. likes our whose in control of nothing. Unfortunately a nuclear power. It takes one idiot to call the wrong shots probably end the last war the world will ever see.

Impotent rage: Honestly candle lights, standing/marching for solidarity.... I'mt not sure how much it works. We are a country of protests and these protests have never worked. These maybe be great symbols to communicate affection but unfortunately lead to no action. I 'm not being cynical. But wouldn't a quick check to the blood bank be more useful? We all want action but from whom? People who called Major Unnikrishnan's house not worth being look by a dog?

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